[Proj] PROJ.4 and latest EPSG (v 6.12)?

John Maurer maurerj at nsidc.org
Thu Mar 8 17:41:26 EST 2007

Dear PROJ.4,
The latest EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset was released as version 6.12 
on February 8, 2007: http://www.epsg.org/Geodetic.html. There are 
several new polar projections that I would like to support in my "Atlas 
of the Cryosphere" MapServer application (http://nsidc.org/data/atlas) 
but need the updated EPSG file for PROJ.4 and MapServer to find them. 
Examples of some of these new EPSG codes include 19865 to 19869. It 
appears that the latest version of PROJ.4 (4.5.0) does not contain these 
new EPSG codes, and I was wondering when these might get incorporated or 
how I might add their PROJ.4 definitions to our epsg file? Thanks for 
your help!
Best Regards,
John Maurer

John Maurer
Web/Database Applications Engineer
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
University of Colorado at Boulder

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