[Proj] PROJ.4 and latest EPSG (v 6.12)?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Mar 8 21:44:59 EST 2007

John Maurer wrote:
> Dear PROJ.4,
> The latest EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset was released as version 6.12 
> on February 8, 2007: http://www.epsg.org/Geodetic.html. There are 
> several new polar projections that I would like to support in my "Atlas 
> of the Cryosphere" MapServer application (http://nsidc.org/data/atlas) 
> but need the updated EPSG file for PROJ.4 and MapServer to find them. 
> Examples of some of these new EPSG codes include 19865 to 19869. It 
> appears that the latest version of PROJ.4 (4.5.0) does not contain these 
> new EPSG codes, and I was wondering when these might get incorporated or 
> how I might add their PROJ.4 definitions to our epsg file? Thanks for 
> your help!


I'm afraid there is no dependable pattern to when I'll get around to
upgrading PROJ/libgeotiff/GDAL/PostGIS to a new EPSG release.  You can
manually add them to your local epsg init file in the meantime.

I would hope to have issue a new release with up to date EPSG files
within 3 months, but no guarantees.

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