[Proj] DHDN / Gauss Krueger to WGS84

Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler at dspsolutions.de
Mon Sep 24 04:34:31 EDT 2007

Hi Uwe and Dean,

it seems to work. A reference point of:

x = 4459750 m  y = 5448182 m

is converted to

E11.446588 N49.169494

The GeoGrid Viewer (Uwe should know) tells me:

E11.44662  N49.16951

That is approx. 1 or 2 meters apart. I can't tell if that is a normal
error because of the different calculation code. But I guess I have to
be happy with it :) .

BTW can anyone tell me why on earth the Europeans define a datum that is
identical to WGS84 in 1989 but will have an increasing error over the
years? Is that politics or just to keep things, located in Europe, from
'moving' (in respect to WGS84)?

Thank you all for your answers.


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