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>I have been trying to update libproj4 documentation and also keep the
> carto.bib file reasonably up to date.  But sometimes this gets to a bit
> difficult with some sources.
> I writing up proj=ftmerc, one of the 4 constant meridian scale transverse
> Mercator projection procedures I am at a loss to describe this source:
> www.lantmateriet.se/geodesi
> Unfortunately, it is *all* in Swedish and without a hint of who or what.
> Any hint as to what an appropriate reference entry would be would be 
> greatly
> appreciated.

For the functions used in ftmerc, the Swedish Landmäteriet is not the 
primary reference.
It would be interesting to know where these functions came from.
My theory: they percolated from Krüger (1912) through - among others - König 
& Weise (1951), to Hirvonen (1970).

I copied some of the older references from the Finnish JHS154 publication:

* Hirvonen, R.A., Matemaattinen Geodesia, Teknillisen korkeakoulun 
ylioppilas-kunta, Helsinki, 1972
* Hirvonen, R.A. The Use of Subroutines in Geodetic Computations, 
Maanmit-taus, 1970.
* Krüger L: Konforme Abbildung des Erdellipsoids in der Ebene, B. G. Teubner 
Verlag Leipzig 1912, pages 11-22
* König, R.; Weise, K. H.: Mathematische Grundlagen der höheren Geodäsie und 
Kartographie, Springer Verlag Berlin Göttingen Heidelberg, 1951

Remarkably, most papers describing the Italian Gauss-Boaga system, refer to 
Cliff Mugnier says in his Grids & Datums column about Italy that Boaga 
recasted (and truncated) the Gauss equations. This can also be inferred from 
a short biography of Giovanni Boaga at the IGM site:
IGM: Istituto Geografico Militare

Oscar van Vlijmen

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