[Proj] Re: Transverse or oblique width-adjusted Aitoff or Hammer-Aitoff for oblong regions

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Tue Jul 22 15:15:26 EDT 2008

Again, thanks for the information. So then, there's no particular reason to expect a locally-centered and suitably oriented Aitoff map to have less scale variation than a similarly centered and oriented cylindrical equidistant map, for an extended oblong region. Actually that's a great relief, to hear that my belief about Aitoff and Hammer-Aitoff for oblong regions isn't true, or that the matter would be difficult to determine, because it means that I can stop wondering why I couldn't prove it to be true. Because I don't understand the determination of Aitoff's maximum scale variation, in comparison to other projections for such regions, it's a relief to hear that it isn't an elementary problem.

So maybe there's a good reason why Aitoff and Hammer-Aitoff aren't found in atlases, mapping oblong continents, countries and states.

Mike Ossipoff

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