[Proj] PROJ 4.6.1 RC1

Richard didier didier.richard at ign.fr
Wed Jul 23 07:35:49 EDT 2008

Le Mercredi 23 Juillet 2008 06:08, Frank Warmerdam a écrit :
> Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> > On Monday 21 July 2008 9:41:08 pm Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> ...
> >>   o Added the glabsgm (Gauss Laborde / Sphere Geometric Mean) projection
> >
> > Excuse me for forgetfulness.  This is really the Gauss-Schreiber
> > projection that we went over a few months ago.  Aka +proj=stmerc
> Gerald,
> I'm going to hold back on the 4.6.1 release till this can be worked out. 
> There is no point in letting this into widespread use with different names
> from libproj4.  I've created a ticket for the issue and assigned it to
> Richard Didier:
>    http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/ticket/8
> Richard Didier can bring PROJ.4 into line with libproj4, or provide an
> explanation for why there is a difference.  I haven't heard from Richard
> on other points in a couple days so he may be on vacation.


I am not in vacation (but will be in few days), but still working on various 
subjects including PROJ.4, GDAL, PROJ4JS, OpenLayers, ...

I have replied to the ticket and await for a decision : the change is quite 
heavy on our side (not so on PROJ.4 side) cause our CRS catalogues (PROJ.4, 
PROJ4JS, ISO, etc ...) rely on 'glabsgm'. So, I will have, after changing if 
accepted PROJ.4 to modify them all.

> Thanks for the review!
> Best regards,

All the best,

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