[[Proj] Re: Problem overlaying georeferenced images in Google, Maps(projection problem!)]

Christian Kirchhoff ckirchho at directmedia.de
Tue Jun 10 10:40:04 EDT 2008

Dann wäre der Dienstag gut (da habe ich ja meistens nichts vor). Wenn 
ich dann vielleicht etwas später dazu stoßen darf...

Viele Grüße,

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Jorge schrieb:
> OK, I have my problem explained in two images:
> http://www.phpmadrid.com/geo/Balearic_Island_fits_but_overlaps.png
> http://www.phpmadrid.com/geo/Balearic_Island_doesnt_overlap_but_doesnt_fit.png 
> I've added a dotted black line to frame each PNG file. In the first 
> link, the PNG files overlap, but they fit! I think it's normal, 
> because if I have rectangles in UTM, all together, these rectangles 
> can't be together in geodetic coords (distinct projection). So, if I 
> move the rectangles to be all together in Google Maps, they don't fit 
> into the province' shape.
> What does I have to do with the PNG files if I want that they are 
> together and fit into the province' shape?
> Thanks a lot
> Jorge
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