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Per http://www.generals.dk/general/Laborde/Jean/France.html 
Brigadier-General Jean Laborde lived from 1882-1964.

The connection to Madagascar is too strange to be random. They must 
have been related.


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>Mugnier's Chap. 3  of *The Mathematics of Photogrametry* claims that the
>Gauss-Schreiber projection is just an additional truncation of the Taylor
>series Gauss-Kruger---like the Gauss-Boaga but one step further.
>However, referring to p. 163 of *Map Projections---A reference manual* by
>Bugayevskiy and Snyder:
>"The Gauss-Schreider projection was developed about 1880 and used for the
>Prussian land survey.  It consists of a double conformal transformation of
>the  ellipse onto the sphere and then of the sphere onto the plane using the
>spherical transverse Mercator projection.  The central merdian varies in
>And, of course, we have the IGN claim with Laborde in NT/G 73.  I am not sure
>what the timing was but because Laborde's Madegascar efforts were circa 1929
>then the best he can probably claim is rediscovering the projection.  The
>Madagascar should not be confused with the NT/G 73 and I am only  using it as
>a reference to one period where we know he was active as I do not have his
>birth-death dates.
>I am now of the opinion that libproj4's original designation of the 
>is correct and a only a documention note should be made that it may have also
>have been used by Laborde at a later date.
>More comments on Gauss-Schreiber's truncated Taylor series later.
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