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Fri Jun 27 22:15:03 EDT 2008

>From Wikipedia:

Jean Laborde (1805 - 1878 Madagascar)  we have:

"Laborde also built a 4-story palace covered with mirrors, and opened up mines,
roads, and bridges in various parts of the island. He built ox and horse-wagons
and a short (horse-drawn) stretch of railway."

If he really was building so much roads and railroads it must be so that he also
required good maps. Does that conect to the projection?

Regards: Janne


> Per http://www.generals.dk/general/Laborde/Jean/France.html 
> Brigadier-General Jean Laborde lived from 1882-1964.
> The connection to Madagascar is too strange to be random. They must 
> have been related.
> Jay

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