[Proj] Any access to geodetic[sic] functions ??

Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
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NGS no longer presents a "competitive" presence in software.  The NGS is an agency of NOAA, and now considers its software as public domain.  Everything is open and free to the public.  NGS only deals with civilian applications of geodesy and they do nothing of a classified nature.  NGS is not a secret organization like NGA must be for the U.S. Military.
The same goes for the Australian government.  NGS stuff is "open."  If they have something you need, ask and they will provide.
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Just a minor point

On Wednesday 12 November 2008 3:12:56 pm Christopher Barker wrote:

> Gerald I. Evenden wrote:

        ... referring to the web site:

>  From the web site, I only saw binaries of programs, no source code, and
> nothing that I would call a library.

Just after the reference to PC executables a few lines down the page:

"View/Download the FORTRAN source code

brings the text down.

There is also a zip for the whole ball of wax a few more lines down.

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