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How about Winkel II (Snyder) ?

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>Paul Anderson alerted me to a problem with the Winkel II projection: 
>it was in
>error as described in the libproj4 system.  The real Winkel II is a variant
>of the Eckert III series of pseudocylindrials with ellipticall shaped
>meridians.  I had used Snyder's original description from his paper "A
>Comparison of Pseudocylindrical Map Projections."  But he recanted on p. 196
>of "Flattening the Earth" which was verified with an independent source.
>Things are being corrected but in the process the projection originally
>described as Winkel II does not have a name nor can be attibuted to anything
>but Snyder's erroneous paper.  At the moment, rather than throw it away, I
>will designate it as the no-name projection.
>However, if anyone can give it a verifiable attribution, please let me know.
>It is the Winkel II in the current 20081109 manual.pdf on
>It will be called the no-name in new reissue of the manual.
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