[Proj] Some typos in the libproj4 manual

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Wed Oct 1 15:55:15 EDT 2008

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> On Wednesday 01 October 2008 7:22:08 am Mikael Rittri wrote:
>> I think I have found some typos in the libproj4 manual.


>> Gerald Evenden wrote:
>> > Please, please, please.  Anyone finding errors in the previously
>> > reference manual please notify this group.  Thank-you.


> Noted and changed.
> Thanks.
> I'm glad someone is doing this detailed reading.  Again, thanks.

I found some time ago several more errors (typos), omissions,
inconsistencies between the formulae and the actual code, and other
problems in the manual.
They were rather numerous and there wasn't any progress visible beyond the
"Preliminary Draft" version of March 2005.
So I chose to wait until a "real" version of the libproj4 manual would

If the math will be perfected, then the manual will become a valuable
reference for cartographic projections in general.

Another suggestion: give a numerical example with at least 5 decimals plus
the exact command line code for each and every function.

I would like to repeat the same suggestion for projs cs2cs. Give a complete
command line solution for every problem that can be solved with cs2cs. The
current man page is way too meagre.
Proof of the last statement: the number of questions to this list revolving
around the proper use of cs2cs.

Oscar van Vlijmen

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