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Clifford J Mugnier wrote ( http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/proj/2008-October/003865.html ):
> In North Africa, several of the Grids also have a False Northing at the False Origin in order to avoid negative northings.
> Really!
> :-) 
Sorry, I don't understand.  In what sense are you using the term "False Origin" here?  
If you are using it as EPSG does (at least for Lambert Conformal Conic 2SP 
and Polar Stereographic Variant C), then your statement is not surprising, since 
that's how such a False Origin works: it does have a False Northing and a 
False Easting. 
If you are using it in the other sense, as the point where False Easting and False Northing
are both zero, then your statement is contradictory (that's a little too surprising). 
So, you must be using the term "False Origin" in some third, more general way.  
Could you give a concrete numerical example? 
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