[Proj] Google maps of various flavors, and countries all over the place.

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Oct 14 16:22:58 EDT 2008

Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
> While on the subject of the tracs site, how about a page for each 
> country where the various concerns of providing national coordinates can 
> be discussed and documented? There is a wealth of information in all 
> this e-mail that should not get lost. Perhaps a good start is a start 
> page with all countries listed. Then, as needed, the country-specific 
> pages can be developed? I can offer to help set that up. I await the 
> consensus. I do know that these sorts of things start ok. And then they 
> peter out. I have seen other sites that have similar information for 
> proj4, and that has happened to them. But these sites are not really 
> 'connected' to proj4. The trac site, however, is. So maybe it would fare 
> better over time.


I encourage you to start a listing of trac pages with hints and tips for
particular countries / national mapping systems, and then add pages off
that where applicable.  I would discourage starting with a list of many
countries where only a few have actual content as that discourages people
from digging through.

Keep in mind that some information belongs instead in the FAQ:


and some information on general PROJ parameters belongs in:


We also have the geotiff projection list which I hope will become part of
a more general MetaCRS resource which will apply to PROJ.4, proj4js, CS-Map
and other packages.

I would note that a "national info registry" that only ended up with 4-5
nations listed could still be pretty useful, so don't get hung up on whether
the material is comprehensive.  And part of the rationale for moving to Trac
for PROJ.4 was to encourage user community updates to the web site.  So just
dive in!

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