[Proj] Google maps of various flavors, and countries all over the place.

Roger Oberholtzer roger at opq.se
Tue Oct 14 15:54:29 EDT 2008

I have been asked by a colleague about the possibility of providing  
our data using coordinates that can be displayed over a google map. I  
recall a short discussion about this a while back, but do not recall  
if any potential method was discovered. I see on the proj4 trac site  
that there is a reference in the context of a guess about google maps.

BTW, our data starts life as WGS85 from a Trimble receiver. So that  
would be our starting point.

I do not know if Google's MyMap uses the same system as maps and  
satellites used elsewhere in the Google mapping suite. At this time, I  
think getting started with any Google map API would be enough.

Perhaps in the user's manual, there could be a section on using proj4  
with Google maps? Whatever else it is, it is common. I can offer to  
add info to the tracs site on this if I get anywhere.

While on the subject of the tracs site, how about a page for each  
country where the various concerns of providing national coordinates  
can be discussed and documented? There is a wealth of information in  
all this e-mail that should not get lost. Perhaps a good start is a  
start page with all countries listed. Then, as needed, the country- 
specific pages can be developed? I can offer to help set that up. I  
await the consensus. I do know that these sorts of things start ok.  
And then they peter out. I have seen other sites that have similar  
information for proj4, and that has happened to them. But these sites  
are not really 'connected' to proj4. The trac site, however, is. So  
maybe it would fare better over time.

Roger Oberholtzer

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