[Proj] Distance calculation

support.mn at elisanet.fi support.mn at elisanet.fi
Wed Oct 15 13:26:49 EDT 2008

Jean-Claude Repetto <jrepetto at free.fr> kirjoitti: 
> support.mn at elisanet.fi a écrit :
> >
> > There is a windows program that can calculate distances on a sphere.
> > It can be downloaded here
> > http://www.elisanet.fi/master.navigator/xCalc/
> > 
> > It is free and can also calculate other expressions and functions.
> It is not free :

It is practically free. After a while it asks you to order, but there is
the "Later" button. You can cointinue to push "Later" for ever and
it does not stop to calculate.

> - I couldn't find the source code

Source code is not free. The executable is.

Regards: Janne.

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