[Proj] Perspective view to a sphere (or similar)

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Thu Sep 11 07:18:02 EDT 2008


"Gerald I. Evenden" <geraldi.evenden at gmail.com> kirjoitti: 
> Try +proj=nsper   Near-sided perspective which is a view of the earth at a 
> height h.  There is the tilted perspective or tpers but it is a brute to use.  
> +lat_0=, +lon_0= determine the eye-sphere line intersect with the surface of 
> the sphere and +h= is the height above the surface in the same units as the 
> radius of the sphere. The central meridian (lon_0) is coincident with y=0.  
> Projection plane is normal to the eye-center line and tangent to the sphere.
> Dunno what you mean by rotation angles an zoom factors other than simple 
> graphic scaling an rotation.  As for camera lens corrections:  LOL, lot'sa 
> luck friend.
> nsper is one of the oldest projections in proj.

Ok, thanks. How did I not notice those. What are the tpers parameters?


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