[Proj] Some need for updated proj-4 manuals

support.mn at elisanet.fi support.mn at elisanet.fi
Thu Sep 11 08:10:32 EDT 2008


the proj-4 manuals might need some updating and cleaning?
There are basicly two groups whcih need them.

A) Programmers that utilise the library. More or less programming
related matters and details. This could be the "Proj-4 Programmer's

B) End users that use the projections. They need information what
can be done. What is available and what are the exact parameters
and how to use them in each projection and datum available.
Exmples are most informative. This might be something like
"Proj-4 End User´s Manual". These people are mostly not interrested
of the programming details and those matter should be put in the
first manual. Then there is also the end application´s "User Manual",
which tells more about the application and how to use it.
That would be the third manual, written by the proj-4-application
makers. Maybe the proj-4 part would be an appendix in this

So the "Proj-4 End User Manual" goes to the end user, if the
proj-4 definition is directly visible for the end user... sometimes
not, if there is a layer above proj-4.

Now the situation is so that there are several proj-4 manuals in
pdf format and it is hard to find any specific information especially
about "how to use the projections and datums" since the
information is here and there. At least one would expect to
find all projections and their usage (and datums) in one manual .

And of course to keep those 2 manuals up to date to the latest
program versions. Manuals might have same versions as
programs so that everything would be documented.

The end application manuals and documentations keep us so
busy that any help with the projections and datums would be
highly respected. BTW: Our application can only use those
projections that have both forward and inverese projections.
So it would be nice if those projections with missing inverese
projection would be separated somehow in it´s own group.

Etc. etc.

Any ideas? Somebody might want to collect and compose
those two proj-4 manuals using the pdf originals that are
somewhere? Anyway that is what we would very much need.

We might hide all the projection and datum complexity in some
applications (ready made maps), but sometimes they are visible.

Best regards

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