[Proj] Unknown projection?

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- Janne,

The difficulty comes about because the Tripel is actually composed of 2 map 
projections -- the Aitoff (pronounced 'I-toff') projection averaged with the 
Equirectangular projection (which provides the Special Parallel input). Yes, 
there are inverse formulas out there for the Tripel, but the values produced 
are approximations.

One person who has researched the inverse Winkel Tripel formulas issue is 
Dr. Robert Schmunk http://www.giss.nasa.gov/staff/rschmunk.html

BTW, a reference for this map projection is Snyder's 'Flattening the Earth'.

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>> > - Janne,
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>> > Your map graphic appears to be in the Winkel Tripel map projection. I 
>> > would
>> > also suggest that it is using Oswald Winkel's original selection of
>> > 50.46667 degrees as the Special Parallel.
>> >
>> > Note that by the 1950s John Bartholomew was using a special parallel of 
>> > 40
>> > degrees for his version of the Tripel, giving his graphic a more 
>> > flattened
>> > appearance in the Y direction.
>> This is exactly why I include the projection math in the manual.  The 
>> factor Anderson is discussing is +lat_1 option for the +proj=wintri 
>> projection.  Select your own option value and name a new projection.  ;-)
> Ok, now the problem seems to be that "wintri" does not have any inverse 
> projection
> available. What is the reason not to have inverse projections for all 
> routines
> in the library... math is too hard?
> Janne.
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