[Proj] Some need for updated proj-4 manuals

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Mon Sep 15 02:37:06 EDT 2008

Hamish wrote:

> > and an accurate description of all parameters
> I wouldn't guarantee that it's a full set, but these are the ones used
> in the EPSG file.


> > and how they affect the result.
> A short sentence/paragraph on each of the above would be nice.
> As Markus suggested, the (FW/OSGeo) proj4 wiki is a nice place to work
> on collaborative documents.
>    http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/wiki/GenParms/
> I made a start at naming the above, if others could please complete...

The following are taken from the table used by GRASS' g.setproj

alpha	Azimuth angle at Cartesian Origin
azim	Azimuth Angle of Tilt in Decimal degrees
heigh	Height of Viewing Point in Meters
kfact	Scale Factor at the Central Meridian
lat0	Central Parallel
lat1	First Standard Parallel
lat2	Second Standard Parallel
lat3	Third Standard Parallel
latb	Angular Distance from Tangency Point
latts	Latitude of True Scale
lon0	Central Meridian
lon1	First Standard Meridian
lon2	Second Standard Meridian
lon3	Third Standard Meridian
lonc	Longitude of Cartesian Origin
lotsa	LOTSA
mfact	m factor
msfact	M factor
nfact	n factor
nocut	Both Hemispheres
norot	Suppress Rotation
noskew	Suppress Skew
nouoff	Suppress Offset from Pre-Rotated Axis
olatp	Latitude of New Pole
olonp	Longitude of New Pole
qfact	q factor
rotconv	Origin Convergence Angle
snum	Satellite Number
south	South Hemisphere
spath	Satellite Path Number
theta	Theta Angle
tilt	Tilt Angle in Decimal Degrees
wfact	W factor
x0	False Easting
y0	False Northing
zone	Projection Zone

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