[Proj] Libproj4 manual opinion poll

Gerald I. Evenden geraldi.evenden at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 16:25:58 EDT 2008

The libproj4 manual is becoming a big beast and often taking too long for 
upgrades.  While browsing around the web looking at various "repositories" of 
cartographic projection information one aspect came to mind: in many cases 
referring to a particular projection brought up a single page containing only 
info related to the selected projection.  For example: Anderson's projection 
plots on
is an example of selecting a category->projection_name gives a pdf picture of 
that projection.  But one trouble with this particular site is there is no 
(or very little) supplementary information.

I am suggesting that the current manual be changed to operate in a manner 
similar to Anderson's except that in addition to a sample illustration 
(reduced to reasonable screen size) there would be a description of libproj4 
control options, formula and any comments pertinent and unique to that 

A ancillary advantage of this method is that the projection illustration is 
kept with the documentation and not shifted off to a distant page as part of 
a collection of projection maps.  This was necessary to keep the overall page 
count down because of the added space required by single map figure; but this 
is not a problem in the proposed method.

Some pdf sections may cover a little broader material than just one projection 
procedure.  For example, all the material in the recent brouhaha on TM would 
be a single pdf.

This proposed format would require use of pdf as the display medium because 
html does not do a reasonable job with math.

A couple of sections of the current manual would remain the same and kept in a 
single "volume" such as the description of the internal procedure support, 
structures and material only of interest to programmers.

Please return with suggestions and/or don't do it complaints.

PS: This will take more disc space and I am not sure if my web site can 
contain this method of distribution so I may come begging for a home site.

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