[Proj] CC is back

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Sat Apr 25 16:49:51 EST 2009

Quoting from the new site's procedure list:

"[vague future]Datum conversions---in part will include resurrected 
material from original proj distribution as well as alternative methods"

I am *very* interested in that one!

Jan Hartmann

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> Your Curmudgeon Cartographer is back.
> As you may have noted (through some unknown accident) that the old 'proj' 
> Verizon site is now dead.  The equivalent is now available at:
> http://home.comcast.net/~gevenden56/geodesy/project/
> A little rough around the edges but the critical parts seem to work.
> The projection library has now been converted and I am currently spot checking 
> the results.  The meanest part of the change over was the modifiction to 
> proj_param which often proviced cleaner code in the using procedures.
> Individual projection usage comments were significantly cleaned up and 
> expanded in many cases: known to y'all as the results of a [l]proj -lP 
> expanded list.
> Option pm=<prime meridian> was added.  More about this and datum corrections 
> in later email.
> One problem persists which may not be solvable.  Processing argument strings 
> was improved whereas the strings could be of type 'const'.  Thus:
> VOID *proj_initstr(const char *);
> But a problem exists with the list version proj_init;
> Next phase is the retool the making of the libproject distribution which is 
> getting much more complicated than the original distribution.  ;-(

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