[Proj] Getting Proj information after pj_init has been thrown

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jan 6 22:13:36 EST 2009

Till wrote:
> Yes, but this 'segregation' is actually hard to achieve since windows.h is
> implicitly somewhere used but not in an obvious way, as long as a project
> may rely on a couple of different library includes (like ours) and probably
> altering the way it is done, may bring some side effects we'd like to avoid.


Sorry for the previous reply - I read these messages out of order.

I'm really just suggesting you add a small additional C++ source file to
your project in which you do all your PJ accessing and have it only include
the bare minimum of stuff.

> On the concerns, I may understand that internal access to the whole PJ
> structure is not encouraged (although I think it should be available as
> "read only", at least).

Well, it is certainly available.

> My feeling is one may however want to be able to access basic initialization
> data that have been generated out of the initialization (like major/minor
> axis, etc.) that we could just implement adding a pj_info(char*info)
> retriever tool or some pj_getMajor/MinorAxis whatever.

Possibly, though potentially there are a lot of fields you might want access

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