[Proj] Finally: geodesic-1.0 is available

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.com
Fri Jan 9 03:03:05 EST 2009

Charles Karney wrote: 
> Does anyone know of a large set of test data?  

There is an article by Thomas and Featherstone, where they 
compare the results from Vincenty's formulas with other 
algorithms.  They have used 3801 different test cases.

I don't think the test cases have been published, 
but perhaps the authors might be willing to do so. 

C. M. Thomas and W. E. Featherstone, 
Validation of Vincenty's Formulas for the Geodesic Using a New Fourth-Order Extension of Kivioja's Formula,
Journal of Surveying Engineering, Vol. 131, No. 1, February 2005, pages 20 - 26. 
Abstract: http://cedb.asce.org/cgi/WWWdisplay.cgi?0500946 

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