[Proj] Finally: geodesic-1.0 is available

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> If I don't hear of a good geodesic test set, I'm tempted to construct
> one myself (no promises, though).

By the way, I simply don't believe in test sets with millions of random test 
With some mathematical knowledge you know where the asymptotes, 
singularities and other irritating point are. Some tens or hundreds of test 
points around these, coupled with some random test points in all octants of 
the globe, should be sufficient.

> On the subject of the transverse Mercator projection, I'm about 2 weeks
> away from posting a new version of my "exact" TM program with much more
> exhaustive testing (see above), a more careful treatment of singular
> points, etc.  Stay tuned.

I've already resolved the lat=90d problem in the inverse (calculation of 
zeta where snv==0 and (cnu==0 or dnv==0) ), but there are probably some more 
problems? I'll stay tuned!

Oscar van Vlijmen

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