[Proj] Finally: geodesic-1.0 is available!

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> > If I don't hear of a good geodesic test set, I'm tempted to construct
> > one myself (no promises, though).
> By the way, I simply don't believe in test sets with millions of random
> test points.
> With some mathematical knowledge you know where the asymptotes,
> singularities and other irritating point are. Some tens or hundreds of test
> points around these, coupled with some random test points in all octants of
> the globe, should be sufficient.

I whole heartedly agree with you.  The late John Snyder seemed to be another 
believer of thowing zillions of test points at a projection.  Some time ago 
when downloading a copy of GCTP stuff I couldn't believe the time it took.  
The download was a monster and it turned out that it was nearly all test 
points for the various state plane systems.

> > On the subject of the transverse Mercator projection, I'm about 2 weeks
> > away from posting a new version of my "exact" TM program with much more
> > exhaustive testing (see above), a more careful treatment of singular
> > points, etc.  Stay tuned.

No! No! No!  I thought we had beat that dead horse to a pulp.  ;-)

> Nice!
> I've already resolved the lat=90d problem in the inverse (calculation of
> zeta where snv==0 and (cnu==0 or dnv==0) ), but there are probably some
> more problems? I'll stay tuned!
> Oscar van Vlijmen
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