[Proj] How to Reengineering the cs2cs tool

BalaVignesh Kasinathan kbalavignesh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 03:29:44 EST 2009

Dear Friends,
          I am very newbie to projection concepts. I am in need to write the
cs2cs tool in php/perl language to convert the coordinates from source
epsg-2393 to target epsg-4326. Initially i tried to understand the cs2cs
tool code. I can't understand the whole structure of the code , as it
contains more mathematical functions. So i have started to trace the code
linebyline using anjuta debugger. But i dont think this one is the correct
way. As the code contains more 'if' checks i may miss some flow of the code.

   Please give some guide lines to understand the concept of cs2cs tool.
Where can i get the direct mathematic formulas? So i can directly code it on
php or perl without looking the C code.

Thanks in Advance,
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