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Eric Miller EMiller at dfg.ca.gov
Mon Jun 8 11:09:45 EST 2009

PROJ.4 does not support wide characters.  Frankly, it's best to stick with ASCII text.  Since PROJ.4 only really cares about parsing projection definitions and text representations of coordinates, this isn't too big a deal.  If you're interfacing with the library, then your program can easily control whether it wants to support UNICODE.

Adding UNICODE support to the command line programs isn't a bad idea, but who's going to do it?

>>> On 6/6/2009 at 5:55 PM, <support.mn at elisanet.fi> wrote:
> Hmmm...???
> I was not speaking about Unicode programming (?) but rather
> Unicode text files. Unicode text files carry information about the
> computer endian type and similar matters.
> Unicode text files will work in all configurations and computers
> regardless of the type, so they can be copied from one computer
> system to another without exporting or importing (no coneversion).
> Test for example Ediplus editor to edit different type Unicode text
> files. And use some binary editor to check the header information
> and similar matters in those files
> http://www.editplus.com/index.html 
> Janne.
> ----------------
> Irwin Scollar [al001 at uni-koeln.de] kirjoitti: 
>> Janne wrote:
>> >if there are any issues with any text files I would very much 
>> >recommend to use Unicode.
>> Unicode may break the code in many other routines from external 
>> sources in a compiled programme. If one doesn't have source code, it 
>> will cause run-time errors that break the programme even if it 
>> compiles.  There may also be incompatibilities with DLL's leading to 
>> buffer overflows.  This can't be fixed unless you can recompile the 
>> source for the DLL and any routines which are used for building it.
>> These caveats don't apply of course if you have all sources in hand 
>> for a very small programme and don't mind reworking everything where needed.
>> I have experienced exactly this problem with the programme I maintain 
>> when I try to use the Code Gear Delphi 2009 compiler that  has 
>> switched all string processing to Unicode by default.  It produces 
>> thousands of error messages from various external supplier's source 
>> code which the compiler tries to rebuild them for linking into my 
>> programme. There are no problems with earlier compiler versions that 
>> don't use Unicode unless specifically requested.
>> Irwin Scollar
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