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Gerald I. Evenden geraldi.evenden at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 09:27:20 EST 2009

On Saturday 06 June 2009 8:55:41 pm support.mn at elisanet.fi wrote:
> Hmmm...???
> I was not speaking about Unicode programming (?) but rather
> Unicode text files. Unicode text files carry information about the
> computer endian type and similar matters.
> Unicode text files will work in all configurations and computers

For fear of being called a linguistic chauvenist I am afraid I do not see the 
point of this thread nor how it relates to lists.maptools.org.  A good deal 
of engineering/scientific written communications is in english which could be 
considered the subject's lingua franca.  A few centuries ago greek enjoyed 
this status and in the late 19th century german had its day.

My only concern with program coding is 7 bit ASCII with longing toward latin 
extensions.  For basic technical communications like 'man' files, 'readmes', 
etc. 7 bit ASCII also works file.  For more sophisticated, mathematical 
communictions LaTeX works just fine and manages to do all that is required 
within standard 8 bit encodings.

After taking a brief look at the socalled Unicode stuff I had a good belly 
laugh when I read that it was concerned with the encoding of Mahjong tile 
symbols along with similarly absurd sysmbol sets.  These efforts obviously 
sealed my opinion of Unicode.

Regardless of my opinion of Unicode, I fail to see how a discussion of Unicode 
if of interest in this email group.

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