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> > You forgot Hözel, Larrivée, Putniņš projections to name a few.  Tsk, tsk.
> >
> > I am not too sure on the details of the last as the s shown is with a
> > caron
> > but it may be more proper with a breve.  Also the n is done elsewhere
> > with a "dot" rather than the cedilla shown here.
> Written with n-cedilla, s-caron at the end it looks at least like a Latvian
> proper name.
> I have no idea where to put n-dot_below, s-breve.

Good guess, Reinholds V. was a Latvian.  I am curious how to pronounce it 
other than put-nins.

Snyder definitly uses a period below the n and a breve above the s but these 
characters are *not* in my character map routine.

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