[Proj] Rotated Polar Stereographic Projection in Proj4

Alexander Jarosch ajarosch at eos.ubc.ca
Thu Mar 5 14:40:53 EST 2009


I have a rather simple question, but I could not find any documentation
so far on how to do this with proj4. A college of mine has maps on a
"polar stereographic projection" with the following details:

Pole_lat = 50.0
Pole_lon = -150.0
Central_lat = 50.0
Central _lon = -126.0

These are the definitions he gave me. Now I think this is a
stereographic projection with a given pole lat/lon and should maybe not
be called polar stereographic, but that is not the problem. I want to
set up proj4 (or cs2cs for that matter) to this projection to transform
coordinates from lat/lon and I assume the same ellipsoid. My problem is
that I did not find any documentation on how to set up this rotated
stereographic projection with proj4.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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