[Proj] Status of revised lib proj distribution

Gerald I. Evenden geraldi.evenden at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 13:11:32 EST 2009

It is not that I have not been working on it, it is just taken time reread 
automake/conf/libtool about 30 or 40 times and do trial and error layouts of 
all the stuff.

Current  intentions are to organize in the following manner:

1. Distribution directory project will only contain material included in the 
generation of the file libproject.[] with configure to be a share library for 
unix/linux based systems.
   a. namespace for all user entries will be "proj_*" and (following gnu 
recommentations) internal routines namespace will be "_proj*".  For example, 
all projection routines will be under _proj* as they are not directly called 
by users.
   b. "PROJ_" will be used for structures and typedefs and macros.
   c. library may contain nonprojection entries such as geodesic procedures, 
   d. many projection library entries will be compatible with current libproj4 
and, in basic support, proj.4.
   e. in the case of projection procedures, current character desciptor 
elements will be expanded and available for help usage---like -V option in 
lproj.  There will be some changes in the content of the projection 
   f. all code and library functions will be confined to C99 standards,  As 
already discussed, str[n]casecmp falls under POSIX but this is supported with 
clone included in library when not available on distination machine.

2. The geodesic application directory will hopefully be reissued as soon as 
the project library is out.  This represents the "flavor" of program project 
which will replace lproj.  Heavy on the help.

3. Most applications will consist of a separate tarball.

Constructive comments appreciated but do not complain about C99.

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