[Proj] Cosmetic latitudes, and the diacritics of Josef Krovak and others

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.com
Fri Mar 20 04:34:00 EST 2009

I lump together some unrelated light-weight questions here: 

A) For some projections, a parameter for central latitude can be given,
but it does not really affect the shape of the map - it just creates
an extra offset in the northing values (in addition to the offset 
due to the FalseNorthing).  
    My question: is there an established terminology for such 
a central latitude?  
    When documenting projections, I would like to write something 
like "the central latitude can be specified but is just cosmetic", 
with a link to a glossary entry for "cosmetic central latitude".  
    But is "cosmetic" the best word? 

B) What are the correct diacritical marks for Krovak? (As in Josef
inventor of the Krovak projection for Czechoslovakia.) 
Clifford Mugnier gave two diacritial alternatives for "Krovak" in his
column ( http://www.asprs.org/resources/grids/01-2000-czech.pdf ):

  1) a slash through the "o" as in the Danish letter (or a lower-case 
     symbol for the empty set), and an acute accent on the "a". 

  2) a hacek (small v) above the "r", no slash through the "o", but
acute accent on the "a". 

His third alternative is to omit the diacritical marks, which most 
people on the Internet seem to do.  Of course, when "Krovak" is the 
name of a projection, it seems best to omit them.  But Mugnier's text 
implies that alternative 1) is the correct version for Josef Krovak 
himself, which puzzled me since there is no slashed o in the Czech 
or Slovak alphabets (according to http://www.omniglot.com/writing ).
   So, does anyone know a definitive answer? (Otherwise, how much 
would omitted diacritics have offended Josef Krovak?) 

C) Is it correct that "Bursa-Wolf" should have a hacek on the "s",
and no "e" in "Wolf"? 

Best regards,
Mikael Rittri
Carmenta AB

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