[Proj] Coordinate change transforming to EPSG:4326

Miguel R. Luaces miguelrluaces at gmail.com
Tue May 26 11:03:03 EST 2009

Dear all,

I am using proj.4 as part of PostGIS. Version 1.3.1 of postgis included PRO
Rel. 4.5.0, whereas version 1.36 includes PROJ Rel. 4.6.1

When I transform a coordinate from EPSG:23209 to EPSG:4326 I get the
following results.

In Postgis 1.3.1 (PROJ.4 Rel. 4.5.0):

"POINT(549556.009066526 4801796.3531214)";"POINT(-8.38839299999999

In Postgis 1.3.6 (PROJ Rel. 4.6.1):

"POINT(549556.009066526 4801796.3531214)";"POINT(-8.38839299999999

The second coordinate of the transformation to 4326 changes by 0.004 degrees

If I use cs2cs from command line (version proj446_win32), I get:

-8.38839300     43.36661190

Why do I get a different result in postgis 1.3.1 and in postgis 1.3.6?

Why do I get the same result in PROJ4 4.4.6?

I do not understand. I hope anybody can help me.

Best regards,
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