[Proj] cs2cs the fast way

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Sat May 30 16:25:52 EST 2009

"Gerald I. Evenden" [geraldi.evenden at gmail.com] kirjoitti: 
> The datum shift may add a few coefficients but we do not have to evaluated a 
> possibly complex datum routine.
> Obviously, this is not yet ready for prime time.

Ok. If the results are exactly (to adjustable degree) the same and you can
do it faster, then you have really improved something.

BTW: I am sure that there must be several ways to make routines faster for
example by moving calculations to the initialization phase. Since the current
computers have huge fast memories that might be a nice resource to be used
to gain speed (using tables to speed up for example).

Yes, there is always need for speed. That makes everything run smoother.

Janne. / MNS Support

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