[Proj] lat/long format question

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> My data is a third representation:
> 3.5 in dd.ddd is 330.0 in ddmm.mmmm
> 43.5 in dd.ddd is 4330.0 in ddmm.mmmm
> The ddmm.mmmm format is how Trimble receivers provide lat/long values in
> NMEA GGA records, while the dd.dddd format is what Garmin receivers
> provide in their NMEA GGA records.

Ah! I didn't realise such a format was among the actually used ones.
Shouldn't the EPSG database list this format in the section 
Or is it a proprietary format, only used by Trimble?
Anyhow, wouldn't it be more productive if the PROJ command line had a flag, 
denoting the format of the DMS input and output?

Oscar van Vlijmen

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