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Thanks for the reply.  I posted here initially since PROJ.4 is listed as a sub-project to MetaCRS which I figured would implement the additional projections (somehow) in PROJ.4 

The counties are I believe separated or grouped by state, but I'm not that famialr with it either to tell the truth, just a long time user of AutoCAD Map and it's projection database. 


>>> Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:

Bob Basques wrote:
> Related to the new stuff.
> Did the AutoDesk projection LIB ever make it into the PROJ (or some
> other type of projectin list) as a published product for use?  I
> remember something about some new form of listing (like EPSG) that was
> going to be assembled, but . . .
> I'm specifically interested in getting a projection for all the counties
> for each US state, which is in the AutoCAD list.


I believe you are referring to the CS-Map software library.  This has
been released by Autodesk as open source, and it is part of the
MetaCRS project, but it is distinct from PROJ.4.  It can be found at:


It does include a variety of coordinate system dictionaries - some
derived from EPSG, but also from a variety of other sources.  I'm not
really familiar with it, and I don't immediately see one that is a
dictionary of county coordinate systems, but Norm and Hugues on
the metacrs list are the people to answer the question!

There has been a wee bit of discussion of how to more effectively share
coordinate system definitions between CSMap and PROJ.4, but so far there
hasn't been anything concrete done.

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