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in the Mediterranean.  The British Army (GSGS) established the =
"Mediterranean Zone" for the secant Lambert Conical Orthomorphic =
Projection where the central meridian was 29=B0 East of Greenwich, and =
the latitude of origin was 39=B0 30' N, the scale factor at origin was =
0.99906, the False Easting was 900 km, and the False Northing was 600 =
km. =20
See my column in PE&RS for December of 2002 on Greece.
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As a rule of thumb choose your standard parallels one sixth of the =
distance inside the North and South boundaries of your area of interest. =



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On 20:59, Gerald I. Evenden wrote:=20

On Saturday 13 February 2010 12:28:57 pm Luigi Ponti wrote:

	I use PROJ.4 via GRASS GIS, and I would like to know if anyone is aware
	of a standard projection for mapping the whole Mediterranean basin. I
	need to do raster-based statistics on the maps, so I guess what I am
	looking for is an equal area projection.
	What I have found on the Web is a GIS built by the Joint Research =
	(JRC that used Lambert Azimuthal Equal
	Area (LAEA) for the Mediterranean:
	However, it adopted the same projection center for both Europe and the
	Mediterranean (0 =B0E and 48 =B0N). Is this correct?
	There is also a workshop report
	that recommended LAEA with projection center 9 =B0E and 53 =B0N to be =
	for statistical mapping in the European Union.
	Based on this background it seems like LAEA would be fine. However, I =
	unsure if there is a standard projection center and datum.
	Thank you for any hints. Kind regards,
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	Proj at

Personal opinion: because you seem to have your own project needs that =
has not=20
shown a need to match any existing projection I would, because of the =
E-W shape of your region, select Albers Equal Area conic. With =
selected parallels is should give you less distortion at the extremities =
the azimuthal projection.

Thank you -- this sounds like a very good suggestion.

A little parameter tuning needs to be done.

Really have no clue on how to go about this, but will give it a try. =

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