[Proj] Standard projection for Mediterranean basin

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Mon Feb 15 16:08:21 EST 2010

On 15-2-2010 21:52, Clifford J Mugnier wrote:
> Agreed.
> My point was the gentleman /originally/ was looking for appropriate 
> "standard" parameters for the Mediterranean region.  The old WWII Grid 
> has such parameters albeit for a conformal projection.  Adopting a 
> spherical projection of choice, the old parameters give a "standard" 
> treatment for the region.  Whether it's Albers Equal Area, Lambert 
> Equal Area, or whatever, the primary question regarding choice of 
> parameters was answered.
> Since the purpose was to choose (presumably "standard" conic) 
> parameters for a region, the choice of a False Origin is immaterial, 
> including where one chooses a central meridian.
> If someone has an even *older *set of "standard" parameters for the 
> Mediterranean region, have at it.  Betcha it's conic or close to it 
> like a Bonne.  Anybody want Napoleon's parameters ???  I think I 
> published it in one of my old columns on the Levant.
> I believe the horse might finally be dead.
No it isn't. I'm working with maps from the Napoleonic period, in many 
cases the oldest topographical maps we have. All information about their 
projections is welcome, especially regarding ellipsoids.

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