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Presumably "LAEA" = Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection, in which case it has no standard parallels. The question would be where to center it. That's an easier problem to solve in the typical case than Albers; you simply find the small circle that circumscribes the area of interest. That small circle's center coincides with the center of the optimal Lamber azimuthal equal-area for the region.

— daan Strebe

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Noteworthy is the article: 
An equal area projection for statistical mapping in the EU, Lysandros 
To be found in the collection: 
Map projections for Europe, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, 
See page 50 f.f. 
The author proposes a map projection for the whole of Europe with reasonably 
low distortions. 
Albers and LAEA are considered. The distortions at the boundaries of the EU 
are lower with a LAEA than with an Albers projection. 

By the way, do you have a similar algorithm for optimal parallels for the 
LAEA projection? 

Oscar van Vlijmen 

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