[Proj] please help transform of coords for Prishtina DXF

jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 24 07:12:24 EST 2010

I have here a dxf file of Prishtina in high quality.

I have been able to convert it to lat/lon like this
cs2cs +proj=utm  +zone=34T +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +units=m -f \"%.7f\"

Problem is that most of the points are in relative position, there is a grid.

I have pushed a version of two nickels that can process alot of this :
To git at github.com:h4ck3rm1k3/TwoNickels.git
   c8e4009..41f23f1  master -> master

It produces osm files with data in three groups :

1. points that are exact on the mark, (few)
2. points on the equator (0,0) relative to something
3. points that seem to be shifted over from utm34T

         720496.25, 506444.9375 -> 22.987450699423831679, 4.5791053696411907481

I have created averages of good points versus the shifted ones and
came up with these constant shifts:
	$n -= 187380;
	$e += 4228672;

They are still 15km off of prishtina..

So I would like one of you to please help with the autocad and
transform all coordinates into some single form so I can convert them.
Or please advice on these points.


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