[Proj] ESRIs new coordinate systems and transforms - Is Proj4 library linked somehow?

Joel_Cusick at nps.gov Joel_Cusick at nps.gov
Wed Jul 28 16:48:02 EST 2010

Hello List,
Melita Kennedy (Projection Lead for ESRI ArcGIS software) informs me that
ArcGIS 10 (released this month) will have new CORS96-based coordinate
systems and transformations.  Prior to this addition, it was not possible
to assign CORS96 to "NAD83" based coordinate systems (like UTM) unless you
defined a new prj yourself.  This effects those users that were using
high-end submeter mapping grade and survey grade systems and holding NGS
CORS station NAD83 (CORS96) EPOCH 2002/2003 in postprocessing environments.
Not to repeat Melita's text, i have included her thread below.

My question to this esteemed group expresses my ignorance on how new
projections get defined....

Is your proj4 library linked somehow to these new codes that ESRI has
If not, is it up to some panel to insert these codes?

thank you for your time. First time submitter, long time listener.

Melita wrote:

We have added a CORS96 datum and gcs. The full gcs name is
"GCS_NAD_1983_CORS96". I'll use "CORS96","HARN", and "NSRS2007" as short
forms of the names! We also added 4 transformations for CORS96:

108148: CORS96 to HARN (zeroes for parameters)
108149: CORS96 to NSRS2007 (zeroes for parameters)
108150: ITRF00 to CORS96 (dx = 0.9956)
108151: WGS84 to CORS96 (dx = 0.9956)

For projected Coordinates systems (pcs), we've added CORS96-based ones for

Alaska Albers
UTM Zones 59N,60N,1N - 19N
SPCS Alaska 1-10 (meters)

Joel Cusick
National Park Service/Alaska Regional Office
240 West. 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK - 99501
(907) 644-3549  joel_cusick at nps.gov
+61°13.0213', -149°53.1763', (NAD83 CORS96)
6VUN4499490383 USNG

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