[Proj] quoting +nadgrids ?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 28 23:40:24 EST 2010


we've run into a problem whereas the nad/conus grid file has been
installed under C:\Program Files\ (which contains a space), and the
pj_get_def(pjinfo.pj, 0) string doesn't quote the filename of the
+nadgrids=/full/path/and/filename parameter. So when this string is
passed as a CRS to cs2cs it only reads as far as the "C:\Program" part
for the grid file and all goes downhill fast from there.

any recommendations on how to handle this? i.e. should the "quotes" be
added by pj_get_def(), or via some ugly string munging in our app? (which
currently fprints those terms verbatim to stdout)


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