[Proj] rotated grid conversions

Kling, Cees (KNMI) Cees.Kling at knmi.nl
Tue Mar 16 10:04:57 EST 2010


i'm currently working with a model who has a rotated pole grid

Output of wgrib:
rotated LatLon grid  lat -35.600000 to 29.000000  lon -34.400000 to 
nxny 131544  (406 x 324)  dx 200 dy 200  scan 64  mode 136
  transform: south pole lat -30.000000 lon -15.000000  rot angle

I need a tranformation from latlon to rotated latlon and I thought the 
trick would be
>proj -v +proj=ob_tran +o_proj=eqc +o_lat_p=-30.0 +a=57.29578 +
but this doesn't seems to work.

Can anyone gives me a direction

Kees Kling

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