[Proj] NAD 27 v 83 Distances

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Because it is the current legal datum of the United States, and it is based in part on artificial satellite observations.  The semi-major axis of the GRS80 ellipsoid has been proven to be correct within a few centimeters based on decades of observing GPS orbits.
NAD27 is referenced to an ellipsoid computed by hand and published by COL Alexander Ross Clark, R.E. in 1866.
Since this is a discussion of distances, NAD83 is closest to the truth as a matter of scale and shape.
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>The difference of distances should be modest between the two datums, with of
>course the NAD83 distances being the better of the two. 

Why would NAD83 be the better of the two?

- daan Strebe

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Robert McFaul wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm concerned about whether ground surface distances are different between
> NAD27 and NAD83. I'm in California (southern) and thinking about a 
> conversion
> of a project to NAD83. I have some cross section distances measured (1000 to
> 3000 feet in length) and suddenly am wondering what sort of differences 
> might
> be involved by this change in systems.


The difference of distances should be modest between the two datums, with of
course the NAD83 distances being the better of the two.  I did a test for a
random point in southern california and the change is datum shift deltas over
one kilometer was about 1cm.  You can do similar tests for any area of interest:

cs2cs -f '%.4f' +proj=utm +zone=11 +datum=NAD27 +to +proj=utm +zone=11 
440000 3750000
439919.4833     3750196.3019 0.0000
440000 3751000
439919.4784     3751196.3100 0.0000

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