[Proj] Dutch correction grid

Schmitz, Uwe uwe.schmitz at bezreg-koeln.nrw.de
Mon Apr 11 02:49:41 EST 2011


I don't know if it was already mentioned, but there is a
program called GDAy from an Australian governmental
authority. It can be downloaded for Windows from


The parent page with docuemntation is here:


Beside transforming coordinates it is able to convert
NTv2-ASCII to NTv2-Binary. So if you can produce an ASCII
file of your data, conforming to the description, you
can use the prog to convert it to binary.
This feature is a little bit hidden:

Load the grid file with menu point:
File/Distortion Grid Settings/Select New Grid File...
(attention: the extension has to be ".asc"!)

After that save the grid with menu point:
File/Distortion Grid Settings/Export Grid File/...to Binary

That's it.

good luck

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