[Proj] Dutch correction grid

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Mon Apr 11 03:12:31 EST 2011

Thanks Uwe, that was the missing link. If all works as I hope, I have a 
general approach for rubbersheeting old maps with the GDAL utilities, 
starting with the triangulated maps of 1850 and proceeding with the 
cadastral maps of 1832, for which the national triangulation mesh wasn't 
yet available.  It would really solve my most basic problem: how to get 
a historical reference map of the Netherlands at scale 1:2500 with 
maximum georeferential accuracy.



Dr. J. Hartmann
Department of Geography
University of Amsterdam

On 11-4-2011 9:49, Schmitz, Uwe wrote:
> Jan,
> I don't know if it was already mentioned, but there is a
> program called GDAy from an Australian governmental
> authority. It can be downloaded for Windows from
> here:
> http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/property/surveying/files/gday21iex.exe
> The parent page with docuemntation is here:
> http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/property/surveying/gdasoftware.html
> Beside transforming coordinates it is able to convert
> NTv2-ASCII to NTv2-Binary. So if you can produce an ASCII
> file of your data, conforming to the description, you
> can use the prog to convert it to binary.
> This feature is a little bit hidden:
> Load the grid file with menu point:
> File/Distortion Grid Settings/Select New Grid File...
> (attention: the extension has to be ".asc"!)
> After that save the grid with menu point:
> File/Distortion Grid Settings/Export Grid File/...to Binary
> That's it.
> good luck
> uwe
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