[Proj] Releasing 4.8.0 ?

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Sun Aug 7 08:28:37 EST 2011


Before thread safe measures in library could somebody check
and test the performance of all versions since we do not want
to have any back steps in speed. (And maybe put a switch to
remove such measures if they are not required if they really do
add some overhead?)

My suggestion would be that if somebody needs thread safety
he adds some locking mechanism above Proj.4 so that the threads
do not mess up (write) the data and reading only by many threads
is not a problem? What exactly are the changes made in Proj.4
from 4.6 to 4.7?

Regards: Janne.


Emmanuel Séguin [emmanuel.seguin at ign.fr] kirjoitti: 
> Hi everyone,
> Experiencing thread-safety issues while using Proj4 4.7.0 in our own WMS 
> software, we (IGNF) have done a test with the trunk version of Proj4 => 
> New Proj4 API thread-safe functions solved our problems. As we're 
> generally happy about the tests done using this trunk version, we were 
> thinking about releasing our software with a new version of Proj4. This 
> leads us to the subject of this message :
> How far is the trunk version of Proj4 from the 4.8.0 release ? And how 
> can this milestone be reached ?
> The 4.8.0 milestone indicator 
> (http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/milestone/4.8.0) shows only two active 
> tickets yet to be solved.
> However, there's a more substantial list of 46 active bug tickets 
> waiting to be solved (http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/report/1).
> Do you think all the active bug tickets need to be fixed before 
> releasing 4.8.0 ?
> Which one of them do you think must be absolutely fixed in the 4.8.0 
> release ?
> Thanx for you opinions,
> Best regards,
> Manu
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