[Proj] Problem with program on Windows

Thomas Knudsen knudsen.thomas at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 01:34:44 EST 2011

2011/8/12 <support.mn at elisanet.fi>

> Frank,
> I agree that it would be an additional labor but the Proj.4
> grammar is so easy that it does not take very many lines
> to implement

I somewhat kind of doubt it since, as Frank says, the syntax for some of the
more esoteric projections may be non trivial. And under all circumstances
there will be a lot of special cases (e.g. the zone specifier for utm). For
each individual projection I agree that it may not be a big thing to
implement syntax checking - but there is a lot of projections, and one would
need to understand the specifics of all of them. Actually, as far as I can
see, this amounts to writing "a significant fraction of N" syntax checkers
for the N projections in the library.

If you can see simpler ways to do it, I think you should flesh it out in
code and post a patch: Others may want to join the effort once you have
actually shown how easy it is.

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