[Proj] Krovak again

Irwin Scollar al001 at uni-koeln.de
Wed Aug 17 03:43:55 EST 2011

The Czech GeoPortal site:

http://geoportal.cuzk.cz  (COSMC)

shows positive coordinates (Krovak) increasing to the south and the 
west when the mouse cursor is moved over a map or an orthophoto.

A map area centered on Prague on the COSMC site automatically shows 
the bounding box coordinates as negative numbers in the search field 
of the web browser.


The national Inspire Czech Geoportal site shows negative values 
increasing to the south and west in the lower left corner on mouse movement.


Which Krovak variant shown in OGP Publication 373-7.2 p 25ff is 
involved here or is this yet another variant?

What is EPSG 102067?  It's not in the EPSG database.

Irwin Scollar

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